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    From the day we have started up in 1982, we use the latest technology and equipments to give the best service to our valued clients with our experienced team to be the leader in molding industry.

    Hisar Kalıp Kalite ve Hizmet anlayışı
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    Our goal is to complete the manufacturing process planned to be effective and efficient to maintain the satisfaction of our customers.

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    We work non-stop to give the best service for all needs of our clients with the recommended quality and specs.

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Hisar Kalıp Tarihçe

Our company has been started to service in plastic injection mold manufacturing that recently advancing and needs technological infrastructure of manufacturing sector as HİSAR KALIP MAKİNA SAN...

Hisar Kalıp Kalite Politikası
quality Management

By the leading invstments and our experienced technical staff, we are serving with the assurance of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

Hisar Kalıp Otomotiv Çözümleri

Up to this day, we have served the industry's biggest companies. Our quality policy is to use recent technology and equipments to give the best service to our clients.

Hisar Kalıp Beyaz Eşya Çözümleri
White Goods

As our service for automotive industry, we have also manufactured too many products to be used in White Goods industry.

Today, We have the same fever and wish to success as we had in the day we established in 1982.

Our industry is growing continuously over the global world, and continuous its journey getting bigger and usage of higher technology everyday.Beside as a forerunner in investing by the confidence we gain everyday, we have the aim to serve our clients with higher standarts.By our customer pleasure centered quality policy and the guidiance of the educated-Specialized Personnel, all the production process will be controled till the end to have more efficiency during the production.

We have the proud to serve in Turkey

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